Townsley Extended

Moses Tattersfield + Ann Crowther

19 children

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Marriage May 1, 1811
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IGI Ref 7106124

There are too many children here for just one Moses & Ann!

Even though there are only a few duplicates (and at least one could be explained by a childhood death) it is still not right in the case of Jeremiah (1813 and 1822) because the first is thought to have married Martha Hirst abt 1837 - I have taken the 2nd christening of Jeremiah (at a different chapel) as an error in the year. There are even 3 sets of twins - if we take christening dates as being near to birth dates. This long list of children EXCLUDES another 8 more duplicated entries in the IGI (because they had not been sourced from parish records - being from earlier ancestral files and having different / estimated(?) birth dates).