Townsley Extended


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Ada Elizabeth Tonsley
September 1878140Northampton0September 190011822Northampton
Ada Emily Tonsley
March 1865154Northampton6after 191110845
Agnes Gertrude Mary Tonsley
about February 1884135Northampton4
Albert George Tonsley
December 1867151Northampton0September 19506882Bournemouth, Hampshire
Alice Maud Tonsley
1878141Piddington, Northamptonshire0
Anna Sophia Tonsley
Annie Maria Tonsley
September 1882136Northampton1
Arthur Tonsley
December 1883135Northampton2March 19576273Birmingham
Arthur Tonsley
March 29, 1912107Northampton1June 19784166Rhuddlan, Flintshire
Caleb Tonsley
February 14, 1805214Northampton0
Caroline Tonsley
Charity Tonsley
about August 1801218Herne, Kent4September 185616255Herne, Kent
Charles F Tonsley
September 192296Islington, London0June 1924951Islington, London
Charles Jacob Tonsley
December 1877141Northampton1June 19655487Leicester, Leicestershire
Charles Konow Tonsley
June 1882137Piddington, Northamptonshire5March 19605977Rochford, Essex
Charlotte Tonsley
about February 1810209Herne, Kent3February 184717237Herne, Kent
Clara Earl Tonsley
March 1871148Northampton2March 19546583Northampton
David Tonsley
September 24, 1811207Northampton8March 188313671Northampton
Dora Tonsley
September 1885133Northampton1
Douglas Charles Tonsley
March 1913106Islington, London0March 19131060Islington, London
Eli Tonsley
September 1850168Northampton5March 191010959Northampton
Eliza Tonsley
1847172Northamptonshire0after 18511684
Elizabeth Emma Tonsley
June 1864155Northampton9September 19378173Northampton
Ellen Tonsley
about February 1849170Northampton0after 187114821
Elsie Emma Tonsley
March 1879140Northampton0March 19615882Brixworth, Northamptonshire
Elsie Marie Tonsley
January 2, 1916103Islington, London0May 19982182Rochford, Essex
Emily Kate Tonsley
September 1870148Northampton0December 19219751Northampton
Emma Tonsley
1839180Northlands, Northamptonshire0after 185116812
Emma Tonsley
about February 1845174Northampton0
Esther Tonsley
about August 1839180Wellington, Northamptonshire7June 187614336St Giles, London, Middlesex
Esther Tonsley
January 11, 1807212Herne, Kent0
Ethel Tonsley
June 1888131Northampton2
Ethel May Tonsley
about May 1894125Northampton2
Florence Emma Tonsley
December 1869149Northampton0
Francis Tonsley
September 1857161Northamptonshire7September 190811051Northampton
Francis Tonsley
April 10, 1882137Northampton2March 19299046Northampton
Francis Gordon Tonsley
October 19, 192593Rochford, Essex0January 19863360Southend on Sea, Essex
Francis Harold Tonsley
September 1907111Northampton0September 19685061Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
Francis Woolgrove Tonsley
March 1884135Northampton0March 18841350Northampton
George Tonsley
Gertrude Emily Tonsley
about August 1880139Peckham Rye, Camberwell, London0March 190111820St. George In The East, London
Gertrude Mary Tonsley
June 1880139Northampton0after 191110830
Gertrude Mary Tonsley
about November 1886132Northampton0after 191110824
Gladys Ada Tonsley
about August 1900119Northampton0September 191610216Northampton
Henrietta Tonsley
June 1866153Birmingham, Warwickshire6December 191710151Northampton
Henry William Tonsley
1881138Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire0September 18821361Northampton
Hilda Florence Tonsley
December 1905113Northampton0June 19269320Northampton
Ida Emily Tonsley
June 1887132Northampton0March 19506962Brixworth, Northamptonshire
Jacob Tonsley
about February 1856163Northampton7September 19219765Northampton
James Tonsley
November 1828190Herne, Kent0after 184117812
Jane Tonsley
July 20, 1807212Northampton0after 184117833
Jane Tonsley
about November 1843175Wellington, Northamptonshire0after 18511687
John Tonsley
September 7, 1814204Northampton9about 185816143
John Tonsley
about August 1846173Northampton0before 185716210
John Tonsley
about November 1857161Northampton4December 190611249Northampton
John Tonsley
1882137Northampton ?0
John Tonsley
about 17802391
John Thomas William Tonsley
December 1873145Northampton0June 189812124Northampton
John William Tonsley
about November 1842176Wellington, Northamptonshire7before 188113838
Joseph Tonsley
about 1773246Northampton9March 184917076Northampton
Joseph Tonsley
November 12, 1808210Northampton2
Joseph Tonsley
about January 1833186Northampton0
Josiah Rechab Tonsley
June 1841178Northamptonshire6June 189812157St George in The East, London
Kate Tonsley
1852167Northampton9March 190911057Northampton
Kate Tonsley
September 1873145Northampton0
Lilly Tonsley
Louisa Jane Tonsley
September 1854164Northamptonshire5June 12, 19407985Essex
Mabel Tonsley
September 1892126Northampton4
Martha Tonsley
December 2, 1803215Northampton0
Mary Tonsley
September 1850168Daventry, Northamptonshire0
Mary Ann Tonsley
about December 1834184Northampton0
Maud Tonsley
about November 1915103Aston0June 19191003Aston
Maud Sarah Ann Elizabeth Tonsley
June 1880139Northampton3December 19506870Northampton
Phyllis Marjorie Tonsley
December 1896122Northampton3
Ralph Tonsley
September 1897121Northampton0June 19546556Northampton
Rebecca Tonsley
March 6, 1806213Northampton0
Rebecca Tonsley
about August 1854165Northampton2
Reginald Francis Tonsley
March 11, 1918101Islington, London0June 20051487Southend on Sea, Essex
Richard Tonsley
July 11, 1890129Northampton0September 19793989Northampton
Sarah Ann Tonsley
June 12, 1818201Northampton2June 27, 188113863
Sarah Ann Tonsley
about May 1819200Herne, Kent0
Sarah Ann Jane Tonsley
September 1868150Northampton0
Sarah Jane Tonsley
June 1874145Northampton1
Sarah Tear Tonsley
March 1845174Northampton3September 189512350Towcester, Northamptonshire
Thomas Tonsley
about 1775244Northampton5December 184117766Northampton
William Tonsley
October 31, 1802216Northampton0
William Tonsley
1813206Herne Bay, Kent5March 187214759Northampton
William Charles Gardner Tonsley
about August 1873146Northampton0September 18731450Northampton
William Eli Tonsley
September 1872146Northampton2December 19506878Northampton
William George Tonsley
about February 1846173Wellington, Northamptonshire2March 188613340Camberwell, London
William Holiday Tonsley
March 1879140Northampton0September 19546475Northampton