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Emma BendigAge: 8 months18961897

Emma Bendig
Birth November 20, 1896 32 32
Death about August 1897 (Age 8 months)
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Marriage: about November 1883Pontefract, Yorkshire
20 months
elder sister
Ada Ellen Bendig
Birth: about June 1885 20 21Kellington, Pontefract, Yorkshire
Death: about June 1885Pontefract, Yorkshire
2 years
elder sister
Nellie Bendig
Birth: about July 1887 22 23Kellington, Pontefract, Yorkshire
Death: about August 1887Pontefract, Yorkshire
2 years
elder sister
Alice Bendig
Birth: about June 1889 24 25Kellington, Pontefract, Yorkshire
Death: about May 1894Dewsbury, Yorkshire
18 months
elder sister
Annie Bendig
Birth: about November 1890 26 26Pontefract, Yorkshire
Death: about February 1892Pontefract, Yorkshire
22 months
elder sister
Mary Bendig
Birth: about August 1892 27 28Pontefract, Yorkshire
Death: about August 1892Pontefract, Yorkshire
23 months
elder brother
Albert Bendig
Birth: June 23, 1894 29 30Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Death: about August 1894Dewsbury, Yorkshire
2 years
Emma Bendig
Birth: November 20, 1896 32 32Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Death: about August 1897Dewsbury, Yorkshire
15 months
younger sister
Edith Bendig
Birth: about February 1898 33 34Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Death: about May 1898Dewsbury, Yorkshire
4 years
younger sister
Doris Bendig
Birth: September 17, 1901 36 37Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Death: about February 1902Dewsbury, Yorkshire
3 years
younger sister
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Marriage: about August 1911Dewsbury, Yorkshire