South East of England

The big centre of population is, of course, London - a city that has experienced much immigration for hundreds of years. This has created a difficult environment for tracing any family over multiple generations ...

Some of the earliest regional Townsley references can be assembled into these sketchy family trees -

  • 1 Robert Tounsley b: abt 1550 London ?
  • . +x
  • ... 2 Ales Tounsley b: abt Sep 1575 Blackfriars, London
  • ... 2 Samuell Tounsley b: abt Dec 1576 Blackfriars, London
  • ... 2 Johne Tounsley b: abt Feb 1577/78 Blackfriars, London d: Bef. 1581
  • ... 2 Thomas Tounsley b: abt Mar 1578/79 Blackfriars, London d: 25 Jul 1579
  • ... 2 Johne Tounsley b: abt Sep 1581 Blackfriars, London


  •  1 Richard Townesley b: abt 1560 Essex ?
  • . +x
  • ... 2 Richard Townesley b: abt 1589 Lambourne, Essex
  • ...... +Ann x b: abt 1595
  • ........ 3 Ulisses Townley b: abt Mar 1613/14 Westminster, London
  • ........ 3 Richard Tounley aka: Richard Townnsellee b: abt Dec 1615 Westminster, London
  • ........... +Elizabeth Dennyson b: abt 1620 London m: 04 Nov 1641 St Pauls, Benet Wharf, London
  • ........ 3 Edward Townsley b: abt Nov 1620 Westminster, London


  •  1 John Tounsley b: abt 1638 Guildford, Surrey ?
  • . +Susanna x b: abt 1638
  • ... 2 Susanna Tounsley b: abt Oct 1668 Guildford, Surrey


  •  1 John Townsley b: abt 1700 Great Stukeley, Huntingdon ?
  • . +Anne x b: abt 1700
  • ... 2 John Townsley b: abt Sep 1723 Great Stukeley, Huntingdon
  • ... 2 Elizabeth Townsley b: abt Jan 1726/27 Great Stukeley, Huntingdon
  • ... 2 Daniel Townsley b: abt Nov 1730 Great Stukeley, Huntingdon
  • ... 2 Anne Townsley b: abt Jan 1731/32 Great Stukeley, Huntingdon

These fragmented trees continue over many decades .....


Later Records

It is some time later before the records are complete enough to start building convincing family trees. But even then some trees have rather large gaps and unproven assumptions. Despite plenty of problems, large family trees have been assembled from the archives.

Family A - starts from William (~1796-1849) and Jane nee Trotter(1805-1890) - for the most current family tree use our Webtrees database

Family B - starts from Thomas (~1762-??) and Christina nee Millish (1764-??) - for the most current family tree use our Webtrees database

Family C - starts from Thomas (~1825-??) and Elizabeth nee Yawkins / Yorkings (1831-??) OR Thomas (~1826-??) and Eliza Elton nee Martin (1829-??). Clearly Family C has some unanswered questions and some entries in the archives that seem to contradict each other. However both variations seem to imply that one or both trees are connected with Family B.

The entries that used to form the small Family D line are now combined with Family B - for the most current family tree use our Webtrees database

One of the problems with the families starting from Thomas and Christina is that children were given the same names as their nephews and nieces. This resulted in much confusion when then families of similar ages were living in the same district. The most extreme example being these two birth registrations in the June quarter of 1862 -
1. TOWNSLEY Henry William Russell  Lambeth 1d 404
2. TOWNSLEY William Henry Russell   Lambeth 1d 367

Having such unique names should have made tracing easy. But neither seemed to use their full names - or even their first listed names - in subsequent official documents meaning that working out which one stayed in London and which one went to Canada involved buying copy certificates.

Clearly there are still some issues with these trees that cannot be resolved without some more information.

Does anyone have any new clues that could help?

Especially useful would be any information that is independent of the major family history archives (Ancestry, FamilySearch, FindMyPast, etc) and so should avoid the same data being re-cycled.


Details of these, and all the other, Townsley family trees are online here ....









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