Tattersfield Connections in Mirfield and Heckmondwike

Rhoda Tattersfield (1836-1897)

Tracing my father's maternal family line I eventually got back to Edmund and Rhoda Dawson of Bingley, Yorkshire. After some time I managed to work out that Edmund had married Rhoda Tattersfield on 25 January 1858 at Upper Chapel Independent, Heckmondwike, Yorkshire. Some details are given on my Dawson family page.

A series of web searches and e-mails to other researchers (in England and Australia) lead me to an "expert" on the Tattersfield families - who added a huge amount of extra information and confirmed / corrected what I had already found. Much of that research will be published by the researcher themselves - they have after all done all the hard work over many years. See the Tattersfield Family website for the authoritative information. This page just sticks to the direct family line through Rhoda's parents -

James Tattersfield (1814-1868)

James married Mary Mann on 25 December 1834 at Birstall in Yorkshire. Their children were Rhoda (Dec 1836), Louisa (Jun 1838), Thomas William (Dec 1840), James (1844), Sarah Jane (1846), Adah (Jul 1848), Zillah (Sep 1850) and Clara (1853).

Some descendent lines from James and Mary seem to be -

  • James married Mary Ellen Whitely and had children Allen Whitely (1866), Arthur (1868), Alfred (1872), Charles Henry (1876), Mary (1878) and William (Oct 1880). At least 4 of these children later married into the Dickinson, Warden and Powell families and grandson Ernest Tattersfield died serving in Belgium in 1918.
  • Adah married Henry Wilkinson on 21 May 1872 but no children have been traced.
  • Clara married Joshua Parker Allatt and had children Walter (1875), Parker (1878) and Mary (1880)
  • plus, of course Rhoda, who married Edmund Dawson

William Tattersfield (1784-1840?)

James (1814) is now known to be a child of William and Sarah - thanks entirely to the research of others; for which I am very grateful. The family group for this prior generation is -

William married Sarah Crowther on 18 April 1811 at Birstall. Their 10 children were - Betty (Jun 1812), Thomas (Jun 1813), James (Jun 1814), Stephen (Feb 1816), Elizabeth (Jul 1817), Lydia (Nov 1818), Enoch (Dec 1820), Rebeckah (Dec 1822), William (Dec 1823) and Sarah Crowther (4 Nov 1824).

Some descendent lines from William and Sarah have been recorded as -

  • Thomas married Sarah Exley about 1835 and had 7 children
  • Stephen married Ruth Gomersal about 1836 and had 8 children
  • Lydia married Samuel Tattersfield (a cousin) on 27 September 1838 and had 5 children
  • Enoch married Ann Oldroyd about April 1848 and had 10 children
  • Rebeckah married Edward Senior on 19 May 1840 and had a son Matthew Henry (1845)
  • Sarah married Francis Bake Webster on 27 October 1839 and had 5 children - the youngest 3 being born in Australia (where the descendants can still be found)
  • plus James - as covered above.

Joseph Tattersfield (1747-1795)

William (1784) was one of 10 children of Joseph and Sarah - Nancy, Joseph, John, Betty, Amos, Hannah, Patience, Moses and Sally were the others. This family is the earliest generation that has been traced with any certainty.

The Tattersfield family were concentrated around the Heckmondwike, Birstall, Dewsbury and Batley region of  West Yorkshire - the "heavy woolen" district. And some members of the family became more than just workers in the mills. Jeremiah (1812-1886) is recorded as a "Blanket Manufacturer Employing 332 Persons" and was followed in this trade by his son Joseph (1838-?).

Matilda Tattersfield (1833-1899)

Matilda was a descendant of Joseph (1747) and she married Charles Willey (1829-1907) about 1852. Charles's family has been researched and the details loaded on the Internet. One of the family later became the 1st Baron Barnby of Barnby Moor.

Links to Sweden, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand

Another Jeremiah (1844-?) was also a blanket manufacturer in Heckmondwike before moving to Tuscon, Arizona, USA (via Canada) with Alma, his Swedish-born wife, and 5 children. These children adopted their mother's name of Monthan and one had an airfield named in his honour.

Also online searches for Matilda provided more connections with Sweden and the USA. And a connection with the Webster family, establishes links to Australia. Other Tattersfields are known to have settled in New Zealand and Canada. Some in the USA changed their name to just Field - so these should be included as well.

Such is the depth of research on these families that literally 100's of individuals have been identified and linked. There must be 1000's of descendents from the early Tattersfield generations.

Some of you out there must link to these lines or other families that have been researched (by those more experienced than me). If you think so - let me know and I will, in turn, pass on any questions or information.










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